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The Wellthy Mama

The Wellthy Mama Guided Self-Love Journal

The Wellthy Mama Guided Self-Love Journal

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Encased in a soft pink suede cover with elegant gold foil lettering, every aspect of this guided self-love journal aims to soothe and nurture the soul. When you reach the final pages, you’ll have a collection of 30 lists painting an authentic portrait of your true self.

Each interactive list takes less than 15 minutes but provides instant clarity, calm, and confidence. Easy self-care amidst chaotic days.

The Wellthy Mama guided self-love journal guides you to:

  • Rediscover forgotten passions, dreams, and pieces of yourself
  • Realign your daily life with your core values and priorities
  • Reconnect to your inner wisdom and voice – the one beyond the roles

The Wellthy Mama journal includes:

  • A keepsake affirmation card with the 30 list titles for daily motivation
  • A beautiful stamped postcard to spread a little unexpected love through the mail
  • Free access to monthly community journaling circles from January-March 2024

Make space for your essential self today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Christina Rene
Beautiful and inspiring!

The journal comes beautifully wrapped and you’re thinking “great packaging” until you get to the journal itself!!! It’s so beautifully designed and so well laid out. It’s thought provoking, it’s a tear-jerker and I’m inspired from the very first page. I love my journal!

Heather Pennell-Glover
So pleased with my journal

I gifted 4 of these for Christmas and absolutely had to have my own. From the textured, the the self guidance and the material Melissa has in the journal - it’s the best.

Heather Pennellglover
Absolutely amazing!

From easy check out, timely shipping and delivery! Absolutely beautiful packing! The journal is amazing too! I can’t wait to use it and give the rest as gifts to friends and family. I will definitely be buying more! So pleased and happy!

Mary Lou T.
Oxygen ... to feed my perpetual embers.

This beautiful journal is the oxygen I needed to awaken, feed and ignite the burning embers in my soul that have grown silent over the years. While life, and difficult family, and challenging circumstances continually try to contain me in a small, shrinking box, it helped me remember the infinite expanse and abundance of love and wisdom I have to be the source and reflection of light and love in any situation to anyone.

Heather L.
I am not a journal-er, and I am seeing the benefits of the practice...

I loved reading through the prompts that I did. I felt better mentally after only reading and writing a couple things down! It really makes you think about how little time I spend being mindful about what a great life I have, creating gratitude that is really important!! Loved it. (Although some things were hard to answer, but it made it very easy to dig deep!)