Hi, I'm Melissa K Lowe - the creator of the Wellthy Mama Self-Love Journal and the woman behind the Wellthy Mama movement. After my own wake-up call in the form of a breast cancer diagnosis followed by corporate burnout as a working mom, I knew things had to change. I was running on empty with nothing left to give to myself or others.

That's when I discovered the life-changing magic of essentialism and self-care. I left my unfulfilling job and made a commitment to living intentionally, focusing only on what mattered most, and carving out time to nourish my mind, body and soul daily.

The transformation I experienced was so profound that I felt called to share these principles with other women struggling with chronic stress and lack of purpose. That birthed the Wellthy Mama brand and self-love journal.

My mission is to inspire women to pare down busywork and obligations, set healthy boundaries, tap into their core passions, and embrace self-love in order to design lives they absolutely love.

In my coaching practice, I realized that so many of us don't know who we are and build lives that feel foreign on a foundation of perfection, imposter syndrome and people-pleasing. This journal contains the very practices and tools that helped me know and love myself again so I could design a life that feels authentic and fulfilling. It gives you permission to care for YOUR needs amidst the madness of womanhood and motherhood.

I hope my story and this journal help you let go of draining “shoulds” to make space for what your spirit truly requires. You deserve to live fully and freely as your best self. I can’t wait to share more of this journey with you!